A Study of Social Evils as depicted in Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things

Dr. Abhisarika Prajapati, Asst. Professor (English), School of Arts & Humanities, Reva University, Bengaluru, India.

Abstract: The name of Arundhati Roy is a renowned signature in voicing emphatically social evils of our contemporary postmodern and post-colonial world. Her debut novel is a prominent signature in the realm of Indian writing in English. In her novel The God of Small Things she has meticulously depicted the social evils which are really dangerous and causing real nuisance in society. Individualism, individual freedom and human rights are at stake. Social evils have numerous faces and can happen in a variety of ways as well which is really harmful for our society as a whole ranging from physical harm to financial, social and even psychological. Basically, in broader sense, social evils are anything that could be harmful or dangerous for the entire society and community. Social evils are issues which affect members of society in one way or other, directly or indirectly and are often considered problematic and controversial in terms of moral values and as stigma on humanity. My paper is an attempt to study and propagate Ms. Roy‟s novel The God of Small Things as a mirror to social evils crawling in our society around us and ready to devour all of us one by one. This novel calls for collective effort to eradicate those evils from our society as we rooted out sati-pratha, johar and childmarriage from our society in Indian context specifically.

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