Academic Achievement of Female Students of Secondary Schools of Rangia SubDivision of Kamrup (Rural) District, Assam in relation to Socio-Economic Status

Atul Chandra Baro
Guest Faculty, Dept. of Education, K. B. V. S. & A. Studies University, Assam, India

Academic achievement plays an important role in holistic development of
the students which refers to the level of success attained by the students in the
academic work or in the curricular subjects prescribed within the syllabus. The present
study is an effort to focus on academic achievement of female students of secondary
schools of Rangia Sub-Division of Kamrup (Rural) District, Assam in relation to their
socio-economic status. The present study used Descriptive or Survey method.
Purposive sampling method was adopted for selecting the schools and incidental
sampling was used for selecting the student sample in the present study. This study
was carried out on a sample of 90 female students studying in the ten secondary
schools of Rangia Sub-division of Kamrup (Rural) district of Assam. It was evident
from the present study that socio-economic status and academic achievement of female
students are significantly correlated.

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