The three steps journalism in Cameroon

ZE EDO’O James Richard, Michel Fabrice AKONO ABINA Researchers-MINRESI-CNE, Yaoundé, Cameroon Abstract: Cameroon that is currently witness a growth focuses on its emergence by 2035. This emergence is marked by political slogans as Great ambitions, Greater achievements. However, the emergence is also facing infrastructural, structural and poverty problems. Moral poverty is affecting some craft like education, Medecine, justice, and journalism. In the colonial cameroon there was yet journalism. But it was practiced by unqualified people recruited in every level of the society according to the socio-political context. In contrast, after…

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Headline SJAHSS 

A Study of Social Evils as depicted in Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things

Dr. Abhisarika Prajapati, Asst. Professor (English), School of Arts & Humanities, Reva University, Bengaluru, India. Abstract: The name of Arundhati Roy is a renowned signature in voicing emphatically social evils of our contemporary postmodern and post-colonial world. Her debut novel is a prominent signature in the realm of Indian writing in English. In her novel The God of Small Things she has meticulously depicted the social evils which are really dangerous and causing real nuisance in society. Individualism, individual freedom and human rights are at stake. Social evils have numerous…

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