Effect of Vitamin D Deficiency on the Outcome of Pregnancy

Dr. Firdushi Begum, Dr. Mauchumi Saikia Pathak, Dr. Gitanjali Deka

Abstract: Vitamin D deficiency based on low circulating 25(OH)D concentration is now a world wide phenomenon.
Non-classical actions of this hormone is now the main focus of interest for researchers. This prospective cohort study
was conducted among pregnant women visiting antenatal OPD of Gauhati Medical College & Hospital, to see whether the Vitamin D status of pregnant women has any effect on the development of preeclampsia and other adverse pregnancy outcomes.25(OH)D estimation was done on VitrosECiQ Immunodiagnostic System . Statistical analysis was done using GraphPadInstat Version 3 and Med Calc statistical software. Vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency was found in a higher percentage of pregnant women in this study. 44.81% of pregnant women with deficient vitamin D level presented with adverse pregnancy outcome in comparison to 32.93% with normal level. Significant difference in the vitamin D level was found between women who did not present with any adverse outcome and those who presented with preeclampsia. (23.16ng/ml ± 8.3ng/ml vs 21.46 ng/ml ± 7.2 ng/ml, p=.0235). Difference in the rates of Low Birth Weight(LBW), Intrauterine Death(IUD), and Primary Caeserian Section by vitamin D concentration was also observed. It can thus be concluded that vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy has an adverse effect on the outcome of pregnancy.

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