Scholars Public Libraries: A new prospects in Education in Hojai by SAS Society

Scholars Media-30 April-2018: Scholars Academic and Scientific Society (SAS Society), a well-known organization which is devoted to education and research known worldwide among researchers, scientists, academicians for their various scientific journals. This organization also works in local areas. Dr. Md. Habibur Rahman, Founder and Managing Director native from Hojai, Assam, has recently announced to start ten Public Libraries in his own district and these libraries will provide an environment for education which is lacking now a days due to various factor. Moreover, these will also work as a site of employment information, helping in application, providing guiding material and arranging coaching for those peoples. As per response of appeal to help with books, all sections of people of society has come out with their helping hands and helped with various types of books. SAS team members acknowledge with regards and appreciated the donors.


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