The three steps journalism in Cameroon

ZE EDO’O James Richard, Michel Fabrice AKONO ABINA
Researchers-MINRESI-CNE, Yaoundé, Cameroon

Abstract: Cameroon that is currently witness a growth focuses on its emergence by 2035. This emergence is marked by
political slogans as Great ambitions, Greater achievements. However, the emergence is also facing infrastructural,
structural and poverty problems. Moral poverty is affecting some craft like education, Medecine, justice, and journalism. In the colonial cameroon there was yet journalism. But it was practiced by unqualified people recruited in every level of the society according to the socio-political context. In contrast, after its independence, Cameroon had qualified journalists with a reorganised craft that became a real profession. Meanwhile, at that same time, many factors like censorship compelled the shutdown of the existing print organs to give power to state Medias. So there were no more organisations for journalist to practice apart from radiobroadcasting and the national daily press Cameroon Tribune. Moreover, with the advent of democracy arising from the fall Berlin wall and the eastern wind, Cameroon adopt rule on social communication in 1990. As a consequence there is the return of an abundant and diversified press. This medias foaming has led to numerous derives and professional distractions.

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